Feb 27

Debris from plane crash located

Wreckage believed to be that of the airplane that crashed off the coast of Oceano on Jan. 24, was located Monday by divers with the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Underwater Search and Recovery Team.

Working off the drive boat “Magic,” divers used information gathered from witnesses, radar, sonar and depth finders to locate the debris field near the area they had been searching since the plane crashed, according to the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department. 

Divers found what appears to be the wing, fuselage and other parts of the 2150 Morrisey.

Los Angeles resident Alan George Gaynor, 52, a pilot for SkyWest Airlines, and David Brian Casey, 63, of Friday Harbor, Wash., were killed in the crash after taking off from the Santa Maria Public Airport.

Two small pieces recovered Monday are believed to be from the plane, including a carburetor and part of the manifold, as well as a metal tube.

No human remains were found.

Sheriff’s officials now are working with the National Transportation Safety Board to recover the wreckage.

The search for any remains is continuing with the recovery effort.

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